The designer, Sacha Lakic

Throughout his career, designer Sacha Lakic has gracefully moved across diverse realms, including automotive, architecture, furniture, and product design. Nevertheless, his enduring ardor for motion and velocity has remained unwavering.

Passion's Genesis

In the streets of Paris, a young Sacha Lakic was entranced by the iconic Ford Mustang from the movie ‘Bullitt,’ driven by none other than Steve McQueen. His gaze lingered, as though he aimed to immortalize every curve and nuance. Hours were dedicated to sketching, a way to reignite the profound emotion ignited by the car’s beauty. This insatiable curiosity and yearning to bring design to life on paper would mark the inception of a lifelong passion, propelling him into a world where innovation and artistry intersect.


at the heart of design

Driven by the same fervor he felt gazing at that Ford Mustang, Sacha Lakic continues to infuse his various design realms with raw emotion. Renowned for his creations that seamlessly intertwine aesthetics and utility, technical prowess, and deep feeling, he perpetually crafts distinctive objects.

The Blacktrack story

Since 2016, we’ve been building standout café racers. We choose high-performance engines, reimagining every detail for efficiency and a timeless style. Inspired by our Blacktrack café racers, we’ve extended our craftsmanship to create exceptional items. Each piece is meticulously manufactured and assembled by skilled professionals in France and Italy.

Explore the world of Sacha Lakic

Sacha Lakic’s world is defined by a profound passion for futuristic technologies and a dynamic spirit that fuels his creations. Sleek shapes with velocity in mind.

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