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Blacktrack, the brainchild of the acclaimed designer Sacha Lakic, presents a unique and innovative brand. We specialize in crafting exclusive limited edition café racers and accessories, all inspired by the world of mechanical art, emotional styling, and dynamic performance. At Blacktrack, we treat every piece as a masterpiece, a testament to the rare synergy between striking forms, captivating colors, and distinctive design. This commitment to excellence ensures an unparalleled and timeless experience for our customers.

Blacktrack x Bell & Ross

Blacktrack’s recent collaboration with Bell & Ross has sparked an exciting union of innovation and style, bringing together two brands sharing the same passion for pushing boundaries. This partnership has given rise to the remarkable café racer, the Blacktrack BT-06, and an incredibly innovative timepiece, the BR 03 Blacktrack. This marks just the beginning of our collaborative journey with like-minded brands in various fields. We are committed to exploring new frontiers in design, technology, and art. Together, we continue to shape the future of innovative and inspiring design in a world where form and function coexist harmoniously.

Blacktrack Motors

Since 2016, we’ve been crafting some of the most eye-catching café racers in the custom motorcycle scene. Our approach involves selecting high-performance engines and reimagining every aspect to enhance efficiency and reduce weight, all while instilling a unique, timeless style. We integrate top-quality technical components and, if necessary, invent and fabricate what’s missing. The final masterpiece is then meticulously assembled by skilled professionals.

Blacktrack accessories

At Blacktrack, our exclusive items,featuring sunglasses, leather bags, and silk scarves, are meticulously handcrafted with the same unwavering passion that drives our iconic café racers. With a keen eye on quality materials, practicality, and timeless design. These accessories are more than just items – they’re essential partners for your adventures, seamlessly fitting into your lifestyle.

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The designer, Sacha lakic

Sacha Lakic, a visionary in design, passionately weaves his creativity through various terrains. From automotive and industrial design to architecture, his talent knows no bounds. The love for creation and motorcycles pulses through his work, igniting his innovative designs. Sacha’s portfolio reflects his insatiable passion for crafting unique experiences, where art, function, and mobility converge seamlessly.

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